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I just got back from the WORST cruise experience of a lifetime aboard MSC. They booked a half charter to a group called "Cruise To the Edge" that included entertainment by rock groups including heavy metal Zebra. The ship had over 400 children on board for spring break but they CANCELLED all regular evening theatre entertainment so the charter group could have exclusive use of the theatre.

The rock groups took up precious deck space, had private parties in the main lounges... we were forever wandering with nothing to do, only to find signs forbidding us entrance to this and that. 130 decibel music practically making your ears bleed even when they wouldnt let you in! No rest for the weary aboard that ship.Over-crowding in the accessible areas. They had one of 2 pools closed off for a time and hundreds of square feet taken up by stages and speakers. Just look at the disgusting overcrowding that resulted!

Very hairy old rockers gawked at the teenage girls and the pot smoking aboard was very evident. The cruise line allowed them to smoke cigarettes everywhere - there was no escaping it. For us with 4 children? It was the Cruise to the edge of ***. What kind of soulless suit at the corporate offices of MSC would cancel the entertainment and restrict access when the ship had 400 kids on board? Complaints abounded but no word on restitution from MSC so far. They ruined our vacation. They owe everyone that was not part of that charter a redo and I am not kidding - it was that bad.... although I don't know I would trust them to go out again; this cruiseline demonstrated they would betray their passengers.

Even our children wanted off the ship from the first day :( . We felt like the steerage passengers locked out of the lifeboats on the Titanic! They never breathed a word about this being a restricted/rock music cruise to us. Unconscionable!

Then to top off the experience, it took 5 hours to disembark - they call it "Sequester cuts". SOmebody tell the US Govt it takes just as many man hours for 2 customs agents to process 2500 passengers as 10!

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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This was clearly billed as a cruise with progressive rock music. Not sure why you would book this cruise if you weren't interested in this.

Vero Beach, Florida, United States #911087

Ed! My story is absolutely straight!

They have this event every year but now they charter the whole ship. The cruise line never told us it was a theme cruise - we would have booked something else. They should have never mixed spring break children with music fans. Disaster from the first day.

They DID have Yes on board - along with the other bands.

It sucked big time for the disenfranchised ones. The peropl that went for the music loved it though.


You should have gone on a different cruise instead of staying on board and making life miserable for yourselves and the other cruisers who had booked this particular cruise for the music.

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #743257

Cruise to the Edge is the name of a cruise which hasn't even happened yet. (as of this date 11/16/13)

It gets its name from the album "Close to the Edge" from the band 'Yes' which the cruise is tailored for...Yes fans, Marillion fans, Genesis rock.

Zebra will be nowhere to be found.

In fact, they would most likely be set adrift by he prog rock crowd should they attempt be a part of this event. So get your story strait.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #634939

:upset When we go on vacation. We do our homework.

We check everything out. from the resort to the beach.

Next time, do your research and you will know what to exspect next time. :eek

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